Zeitlupe (feat. GINI) is the first single of the upcoming debut EP by Leave The City. The duet with newcomer GINI („Brav und Nüchtern“) is about leaving behind the daily stress and hustle and booking a one way ticket into freedom.

Konstantin Reinfeld – production

David Quaas – voice

GINI – voice



Konstantin Reinfeld’s duo debut with the pianist Benyamin Nuss features a unique combination of classical music, film music and jazz. Beautiful film music or the premiere of Masashi Hamauzu’s first composition for harmonica and piano find a very special place right in between Bach sonatas and Béla Bartok’s Romanian Folk Dances. The project was supported by a very successful crowdfunding campaign.

Konstantin Reinfeld – harmonica

Benyamin Nuss – piano


The intoxicating smell of smoking wheels and the exhilaration of silently floating over the roadway both united in an energetic freestyle.
Despite its restlessness the racy Tesla ride always finds back to a lounge-like repose, which loans the song a completely new and unique structure, which captivates the listener.

Konstantin Reinfeld – production

David Quaas – voice


Robinson Crusoe is the perfect soundtrack for the wintry wish for tropical heat and shade-giving palm trees in your 20m² concrete apartment. The duo emphasizes its own musical handwriting with the use of imagery, beautiful melodies and a unique connection between hip hop and ambient music.

Konstantin Reinfeld – production

David Quaas – voice


Konstantin Reinfeld’s second release as a producer and the debut of the duo Leave The City. Kim Jong Un is a song about the infinity of love and the willingness to exhaust the overdraft for the special one. THE love song dedicated to Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

Konstantin Reinfeld – production

David Quaas – voice


After countless duo concerts Konstantin Reinfeld teamed up with his long-time pianist Christoph Spangenberg to record an album full of jazz standards in honor of the late harmonica legend Toots Thielemans.

Konstantin Reinfeld – harmonica

Christoph Spangenberg – piano, rhodes, synthesizer



Konstantin Reinfeld’s debut as a producer. A powerful deep house song featuring a remarkable vocalist and an extensive harmonica solo.

Konstantin Reinfeld – production, harmonica


In November 2015 Konstantin Reinfeld came up with his second LP called ALGIEDI released by Mons Records. The CD was recorded at the Peer Studios in Hamburg and only features new original compositions.

Konstantin Reinfeld – harmonica

Christoph Spangenberg – rhodes, piano, synthesizer

Konrad Herbolzheimer – bass guitar

Hajo Schüler – drums


Discovered by Hohner in 2011 Konstantin Reinfeld got one of the first artists signed to the Masters Of The Harmonica label. His debut album Mr. Quilento was realized with Soulkitchen and dropped in April 2013. It is also available as a collector’s box with a harmonica, the audio CD and a second playalong CD.

Konstantin Reinfeld – harmonica

Christoph Spangenberg – piano, rhodes

Daniel Stritzke – upright bass

Hajo Schüler – drums

Konstantin Reinfeld plays HOHNER harmonicas customized by Thomas Hanke (www.hankeharmonicas.com)

About me

Close your eyes and open your ears.

At a young age Konstantin Reinfeld already causes a sensation in the music world. Having been proclaimed as a wunderkind since his first years of playing, harmonicist Konstantin Reinfeld got one of the most respected players and instructors in the world during the few years he has been playing the instrument. His chromatic playing on diatonic Hohner harmonicas sounds technically and emotionally mature.

With his first live appearance during the Frankfurt Music Fair in 2010 Reinfeld, now 23 years old, made a huge impact and left an equally gigantic impression. At the invitation of the internationally renowned blues harmonica player Steve Baker he joined the “Harmonica Masters Workshops 2010” in Trossingen as a scholar and was discovered by Hohner getting the youngest member of their endorser program. After the autodidactic work his love to jazz led him to study at the “Howard Levy Harmonica School” and with Howard Levy himself.

In summer 2012 and still in high school Reinfeld recorded his first and highly respected CD “Mr. Quilento“ in the legendary Peer Studios in Hamburg presenting his first original compositions. In 2013 the LP was published under the brand „Hohner Masters Of The Harmonica“, distributed through Membran/Sonymusic. Reinfeld recorded his second full length LP ALGIEDI with his band Mr. Quilento”  released in November 2015. With these recordings he shows that his own compositions eclipse every boarder between genres and can not be classified into a specific category. With that he explores new territories – not only musically concerning his diatonic instrument but also stylistically.

Since the recordings of his debut album Konstantin is one of the most sought-after harmonica players worldwide giving concerts on the most important stages in jazz.

As a soloist and lecturer he is moreover on the road for national and international harmonica festivals (World Harmonica Festival, Seoul International Harmonica Festival, Bristol NHL Festival, Pärnu Harmonica Festival, Harmonica Bridge Festival Torun etc.) and was announced as one of the best players in the world on the 10-hole instrument at the World Harmonica Festival 2013.

Right now he is working on two duo projects. For one thing he recorded an album full of jazz standards with Christoph Spangenberg in honor of Toots Thielemans, for another thing he is presenting the unimagined possibilities of the harmonica in classical and film music with Benyamin Nuss on the album DEBUT.

Reinfeld is prize winner of the OPUS Klassik music award.

Close your eyes, open your ears – and enjoy! 

Presskit download:

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05.01.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld guests Vladyslav Sendecki – Hamburg – Stage Club

25.02.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld w/ Big Band Deutsche Oper Berlin & China Moses – Berlin – Deutsche Oper Berlin

29.02.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld – Düsseldorf – ASG Bildungsforum Workshop

29.02.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld & Benyamin Nuss – Eschweiler – Privatkonzert

01.03.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld – Köln – VHS Köln Workshop

12.03.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld guests Marc Marshall/Ack van Rooyen/Frank Lauber/Bruno Müller/Simon Oslender – Baden-Baden – Mr. M’s Jazz Club

22.03.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld – Düsseldorf – ASG Bildungsforum Workshop

28.03.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld & Benyamin Nuss – Berlin – geschlossene Veranstaltung

29.03.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld – Köln – VHS Köln Workshop

31.03.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld guests Neue Philharmonie Westfalen – Recklinghausen – Festspielhaus

02.04.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld – Köln – HfMT Köln Kammermusiksaal

14.05.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld & Mr. Quilento – Osnabrück – Euregio Festival

05.06.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld & Mr. Quilento – Hamburg – Elbjazz Festival

06.06.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld & Christoph Spangenberg – Pärnu (EST) – Pärnu Concert Hall (Pärnu Harmonica Festival)

07.06.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld & Christoph Spangenberg – Pärnu (EST) – Kursaal Open Air (Pärnu Harmonica Festival)

08.06.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld & Christoph Spangenberg – Tallinn (EST) – Niguliste Museum (Pärnu Harmonica Festival)

21.06.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld guests Neue Philharmonie Westfalen – Kamen – Konzertaula

28.06.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld guests Neue Philharmonie Westfalen – Gelsenkirchen – Musiktheater im Revier

06.08. – 09.08.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld – Wuxi (CN) – Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2020

19.09.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld & Benyamin Nuss – Bad Essen – Private Concert

20.09.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld – Köln – VHS Köln Workshop

25.09.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld – Viersen – Viersen Jazzfestival Moderation

26.09.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld – Viersen – Viersen Jazzfestival Moderation

27.09.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld & Christoph Spangenberg – Berlin – Harmonica F E N Festival

09.10.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld & Christoph Spangenberg – Traun (AUT) – Schloss Traun

15.11.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld & Benyamin Nuss – Bonn – Emmaus-Kirche

21.11.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld – Düsseldorf – Rather Familienzentrum

22.11.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld – Köln – VHS Köln Workshop

27.11.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld w/Kempen Big Band – Krefeld – Friedenskirche

28.11.2020 Konstantin Reinfeld w/Kempen Big Band – Kempen – Kolpinghaus

01.01.2021 Konstantin Reinfeld w/Badische Staatskapelle – Karlsruhe – Badisches Staatstheater

18.01.2021 Konstantin Reinfeld w/ Young Jazz Masters – Hamburg – Elbphilharmonie

19.02.2021 Konstantin Reinfeld & Benyamin Nuss – Viersen – Kammerkonzerte Viersen

20.02.2021 Konstantin Reinfeld & Benyamin Nuss – Grünstadt – Grünstadter Sternstunden

21.02.2021 Konstantin Reinfeld – Freudenthal – PKC Workshop

21.02.2021 Konstantin Reinfeld & Benyamin Nuss – Freudenthal – PKC Freudenthal

24.04.2021 Konstantin Reinfeld & Benyamin Nuss – Berlin – geschlossene Veranstaltung

07.05.2021 Konstantin Reinfeld & Benyamin Nuss – Stralsund – Klinikumskirche

27.05.2021 Konstantin Reinfeld & Benyamin Nuss – Salzburg (AT) – Stiftung Mozarteum

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My harmonica students are spread all around the world and it is amazing how well this digital path of teaching via Skype and Facetime works.
The harmonica is the only instrument that is invisible to the player and the audience. Besides singing it is one of the most personal instruments out there. That is why you can develop a very close relationship to it.
I really like to connect learning techniques with making music and I teach theory mostly through ear training. Additionally every student gets his/her own Dropbox folder to which I will upload the recent teaching material (sheet music, tabs, audio examples…).
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