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Konstantin Reinfeld plays HOHNER harmonicas customized by Thomas Hanke


Konstantin Reinfeld

Konstantin Reinfeld is one of the world’s most sought-after harmonica virtuosos, renowned for his profound musicality and mastery transcending genre boundaries. His accolades include the prestigious Opus Klassik, Germany’s classical music Grammy, awarded in 2019, underscoring his exceptional artistry. From Bach, to Bartôk to Chick Corea, his repertoire spans classical, jazz, film, and world music.


A pivotal moment in Konstantin’s life came at thirteen when he was moved by the harmonica’s soulful sound on a televised music show. This deep connection with the harmonica, akin to that of the human voice, inspired him to explore its depths. With boundless zeal, he honed his skills, mastering all semitones on a diatonic harmonica through self-guided exploration and online forums, where he continues to innovate creatively with tenacity.


His prowess garnered attention, leading to invitations to headline major international harmonica festivals, solidifying his status as a preeminent virtuoso. Significantly, he became the youngest ambassador for Hohner, the world's leading harmonica manufacturer. This marked the onset of a lasting partnership.


Konstantin Reinfeld is not only a virtuoso player but also a pioneer in academic study of the instrument, being among the few to pursue formal education in harmonica at the university level. Under the mentorship of harmonica maestro Howard Levy during his master's studies, he elevated his craft to new heights.


Beyond his solo endeavors, Konstantin's musicality extends to the realms of blues and jazz, showcased in his acclaimed debut album "Mr. Quilento,“ which he recorded during his high school years. The follow-up album "Algiedi" delves into jazz fusion rock, demonstrating his adaptability and creativity.


Looking ahead, Konstantin is poised to contribute significantly to the classical harmonica repertoire with the upcoming release of two brand-new compositions for harmonica, piano, and orchestra. His worldwide collaborations as a producer and mixing engineer further highlight his versatility, cementing his reputation as a trailblazer in the world of harmonica playing.

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